Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wigs/Male Elf Hair

                                                                   Wigs/Male Elf Hair.
I have been looking into hair for my costume also elf ears but I will talk more about that later.

Ok so the main male elves in the film are the following 

Basic long hair with  no fringe and the sides braided back.
Here are some captures of elves from the battle.

Everyone here has no helmet. But that one guy.
This shows how the hair is reacting to the battle and the diffrent colours.
Just interesting to look at thats all.

Looking into getting a wig Im not really sure I have found a few links that might help.

Most of the Hero wigs used in LOTR were human hair, and they are not a shiny as the cosplay wigs 
you can get that are made from plastic. I looking for a cheap Human hair wig or a plastic wig that looks right. Either way it will need tweaking, I'm not sure if you can buy long male wigs. I might have to get a female one and mod it.

                                                    This link helped me alot have a look here

                                      ALSO MORE REFERENCE PICTURES ARE HERE

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