Friday, 20 July 2012

Hobbit Sword Completed

   Here is the hobbit sword done! Iost the other progress pictures but here you go.

                    Looks nice an old. This is a great sword. If I make a second one it will be 10x better.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hobbit Sword Part 2

I cut out the craft foam the shape of the blade. To make it more safe I made the tip soft by adding a middle section of foam.

The handle is EVA foam cunt in half length ways to make is thinner then warped that around the metal handle and used gaffer tape over the top. Going to paint it to look like leather.

 This is the two halves of the foam glued onto the metal and the edge has been Dremeled to give is a sharp look.

 Eva foam for the Hand guard in two pieces just shaped it a bit with the Dremel then hot glued it onto the handle. I made it over lap the blade to make them look more like one piece. added a small strip of craft foam bellow the hand grip.

Painted the handle with black acrylic paint. Made a pummel section with 3 pieces of EVA deep
and used the Dremel to shape it.

That is the sword so far. Going to seal it with some PVA glue and then paint.

Monday, 21 May 2012

How to make a Hobbit Sword part 1

This sword build is no specific hobbit's sword.
This idea came form BFX on there video here

The main difference is that I used Mild Steel and not aluminium.
Mild steel is much cheaper and you can buy it by the meter, also It adds
some weight to the sword.

I used a 3mm thick piece by 40mm. The total length is 600mm, I cut is down a bit. It only cost me $1.65 for the entire piece of metal.

I'm going to use craft foam for the coating of the blade and EVA foam for the handle and stuff.

Is is the sword so far, 

This is the sword compared with a 40cm ruler.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wigs/Male Elf Hair

                                                                   Wigs/Male Elf Hair.
I have been looking into hair for my costume also elf ears but I will talk more about that later.

Ok so the main male elves in the film are the following 

Basic long hair with  no fringe and the sides braided back.
Here are some captures of elves from the battle.

Everyone here has no helmet. But that one guy.
This shows how the hair is reacting to the battle and the diffrent colours.
Just interesting to look at thats all.

Looking into getting a wig Im not really sure I have found a few links that might help.

Most of the Hero wigs used in LOTR were human hair, and they are not a shiny as the cosplay wigs 
you can get that are made from plastic. I looking for a cheap Human hair wig or a plastic wig that looks right. Either way it will need tweaking, I'm not sure if you can buy long male wigs. I might have to get a female one and mod it.

                                                    This link helped me alot have a look here

                                      ALSO MORE REFERENCE PICTURES ARE HERE

Screen Shots from the Alliance Battle of Elves.

Screen Shots from the Alliance Battle of Elves.

Just thought I would look into this and 
make sure im building my suit right.

 See there are other elves without helmets
^ im going as something like this.

OLOLOLOLOOLLOLO look as his face!

This guy is cool might base my costume on him ^
Without the spear.

 The guys is the bottom left hand corner with the
2H swords are what i'm basing my costume minus the helmet.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

M-3 Predator Pistol Build EVA MASS EFFECT

So after getting Mass Effect 3 I really wanted to make something form the universe into a prop.
I have worked with EVA foam before but I have only made some basic armour.
After seeing this on the 405th 

Thought I would try my hand at it. Now it is the prototype. I have only done about 6hours work on it so far.

I used these pictures as reference. I printed and cut out the template above.

After cutting out the main body 3 times with a Hot Knife I got this
The Blue EVA foam is Just a little bit thinner. It means I don't have to sand as much.
It is also cheaper about half price. 

This is the main body hot glued together. Very rough it is just a test piece. I would like to eventually make and bondo a foam one and possibly mold it in the future.

This is after I have done some Dremel work added the side pieces with hot glue. Also using a Hot knife other tips burning details into the foam.

 More SOON!

Friday, 2 March 2012


Got 7 more sheets of craft foam! I have been busy with study :/ but Im going to try to get stuck into it soon. Making the Sword and armour templates.