Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hobbit Sword Part 2

I cut out the craft foam the shape of the blade. To make it more safe I made the tip soft by adding a middle section of foam.

The handle is EVA foam cunt in half length ways to make is thinner then warped that around the metal handle and used gaffer tape over the top. Going to paint it to look like leather.

 This is the two halves of the foam glued onto the metal and the edge has been Dremeled to give is a sharp look.

 Eva foam for the Hand guard in two pieces just shaped it a bit with the Dremel then hot glued it onto the handle. I made it over lap the blade to make them look more like one piece. added a small strip of craft foam bellow the hand grip.

Painted the handle with black acrylic paint. Made a pummel section with 3 pieces of EVA deep
and used the Dremel to shape it.

That is the sword so far. Going to seal it with some PVA glue and then paint.

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